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Visual Guideline de Boa Compra by Pagseguro

Development of Brand DNA and Visual Guideline for a Fintech of Grupo Uol.

This study for Boa Compra, the international payment platform of the Uol / Pagseguro Group, has developed the brand positioning plan along with a Brandbook – defining the system of visual, conceptual and graphic tools for the global communication of the business.

Branding, Planejamento Estratégico, Design Gráfico

The challenge of communicating globally

Boa Compra is a Uol Group’s company that is part of PagSeguro’s ecosystem of financial solutions. The solution created in Brazil allows companies that wish to transact their products and services in foreign markets, especially in Latin America, to have access to local payment methods in a safe and simple way.

The communication challenge was to highlight the brand and create an authentic and global language, generating connection with customers from different cultures and contexts.

Brand DNA

A New positioning

The strategic planning involved an immersion in the business’s past, its vision of the future and market context, creating a new signature: “Simplifying Payments in Latam”, and also a clearer brand.

New visual system

Inspired by the logotype of Boa Compra, the Brandbook features graphic support elements formed by circles and semi-circles, in addition to the use of the word ‘BOA’ as a visual resource, giving more authenticity and personality to communication.

The document also provides for other assets such as typographic families, corporate color palette, photographic style (people, cities and other business contexts), style of illustration and a template for institutional presentations.

Finally, Visual Guideline became the basis for the global communication of Boa Compra, with applications in printed materials, events, campaigns and digital channels.


Icon Library

In addition to vector graphics and typographic solutions, the project included the development of a library with more than 120 icons. The pieces were created considering best practices of responsiveness and cover different categories and contexts of Boa Compra clients.

Strategic planning and writing: Pedro Cizoto 
Art Director: Ana Paula Megda 
Designer: Rafael Busmayer 
Icon Design: Rafael Busmayer