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ShiftT – Tupy’s Startup Accelerator

We named the new startup acceleration program of the multinational Tupy and developed its entire visual identity and Brand DNA, in addition to collaborating with the structuring of the website – the main point of contact between startups and the company.

With the objective of accelerating startups with disruptive business models and technologies, ShiftT was born in a time of search for a connection between entrepreneurs and Tupy, who for over 80 years has been a reference in the cast iron segment.


Fostering innovation and sustainable development

Tupy’s Startup Acceleration Program was born out of a movement that believes in the strategic importance of supporting and promoting innovative technologies, products and solutions to generate shared value between organizations, society and the environment.
Thus, ShiftT’s objective is to accelerate startups with disruptive business models and technologies, strengthening the innovation ecosystem and sustainable development, through a connection between entrepreneurs and the company that for more than 80 years has been a reference in the cast iron segment.

Why ShiftT?

The verb “shift” expresses the concept of change and motion, typical of the creative energy present in startups. The capital T connects to the company’s name. In addition, the keyboard shortcut Shift + t = T denotes the enlargement and enlargement of something. When we combine both concepts, we have a name that means change and the expansion of an idea or project. The T symbol refers, in its shape, to the triple helix, a collaborative model disseminated in the universe of innovation.
Gif animado símbolo ShiftT
Paleta de cores do brandbook da ShiftT
Imagem de mockup da Papelaria ShiftT

A brand that is born prepared for the future

As we developed an innovative project for a traditional company, it was essential to keep our eyes in the future without ignoring everything that has been built so far. In the project ShiftT it was necessary to balance the consolidated history of the company with a new innovation trigger, opening a dialogue for a modern external audience without disconnecting with the essence of TUPY.

ShiftT is a brand that is born fully aware of its value proposition.

Banner com a frase expanda suas ideias, construa nosso futuro, slogan da ShiftT, aceleradora de startups da Tupy, com homem trabalhando em uma lousa
Mockup de cartaz da ShiftT, aceleradora de Startups da Tupy
Mockup de um outdoor da shiftT, na fachada de um prédio empresarial

The branding Study

The development of the new brand ShiftT is part of an innovation plan divided into two stages: generating solutions for internal needs and investing in new businesses to expand opportunities. For this purpose was created Tupy Up, an internal area of ​​development and innovation of TUPY. ShiftT is part of this larger movement that connects Tupy to business innovation and the future.
Therefore, the branding study included an immersion process about Tupy Up and the context of Brazilian Startups. Estúdio Siamo conducted an investigation into the identity, proposal and promise of the brand, which would serve as the basis for the DNA of the brand and the Brandbook of ShifT. The workshops with the client were also very important to define how this brand should behave.
Siamo also managed the agency responsible for the development of the website, coordinating the visual identity of the webpage, navigability functions and the content.

Access ShiftT, the Tupy Startups Accelerator website.

Mockup de Cartão de visita ShifT
Mockup Cartazes Shif
Imagem com fundo azul e prints de sessões do site da ShiftT, a aceleradora de startups da Tupy
Lâminas Brandbook ShiftT

ShiftT in the Media

See the repercussion of the project in the media
Planning: Pedro Cizoto 
Art Direction: Ana Paula Megda 
Design: Rafael Busmayer and Ana Paula Megda
Copy Writing: Pedro Cizoto 
Website Development: Hangar Digital