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Estúdio Siamo

Portal Docepedia: Branding and Custom Content

Branding and Custom Content for Docepedia Website

A great encyclopedia about chocolate and confectionery. This is the proposal of Docepedia, branded platform in portal format and App offered by Selecta Chocolates and Mix Ingredientes.

Branding, Conteúdo Customizado

Strategic Planning

Idealizing the project

Those who work with chocolate and confectionery need – in addition to excellent products – a lot of knowledge to develop their business and serve increasingly demanding consumers. The strategy of Estúdio Siamo seeks to connect with the publics of the brands Selecta Chocolates and Mix Ingredientes throughout the content territory, offering inspiration, education and knowledge, always in an original and free way. Thus comes up Docepedia, the portal with everything about confectionery and chocolate.

Naming e Visual identity

Shaping the project

After studies and researches, the name ‘Docepedia’ was chosen for its potential to clearly communicate the project’s value proposition: to be a great encyclopedia of the chocolat and confectionery world.

Having defined the naming, Estúdio Siamo developed Docepedia’s visual identity, seeking to convey all the colors, textures and sensations of this universe. “As we knew that the project would be multiplatform, we created a visual solution of logos and patterns that are responsive, adapting to different situations, applications and formats”, evaluates Rafael Busmayer, designer responsible for the creative work..

The website

Structures and Editorials

To ensure the ideal experience in the consumption of content, we first dive into editorial planning, defining the themes, formats and ways in which the information would flow through the portal. “In addition to delicious recipes, we identified that the public yearned for knowledge of greater density on how to develop and structure your business” reinforces Pedro Cizoto, Planning Director at Estúdio Siamo. Tying the Branding study with the production of Customized Content for Docepedia was essential to structure and refine the briefing, allowing the development of the portal to be accompanied by the client through the hands of a digital agency. Access the Docepedia Portal.

APP Docepedia

Mobile experience

In addition to the responsive portal, the project is also available in an App version, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Planning: Pedro Cizoto 
Art Director: Ana Paula Megda 
Designer: Rafael Busmayer 
Copywriter: Roberta Benzati and Cristiane Schmidt 
Photos: Estúdio Panka 
Motion-graphics animation: André Murched 
Portal Development: Volts Digital