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Estúdio Siamo

Pivot Point: customized magazine for Valley

New graphic project for the customized magazine Pivot Point, focused on the universe of irrigation and agribusiness.

The customized magazine Pivot Point is an initiative by Valley, a leader in precision irrigation, to dialogue with the agribusiness public. The new graphic project developed by Estúdio Siamo modernized the publication, giving it a greater connection with the brand language and the company’s relevance.

Design Editorial, Projeto Gráfico

Customized content for agribusiness

Valley, a division of the multinational Valmont Industries, is a leader in precision irrigation. With state-of-the-art technology, its systems are installed in fields in around 20 countries. The customized magazine Pivot Point arises from the strategy of communicating solutions and products through the content territory, offering information about the agribusiness market, institutional news, expert articles and interviews. In addition to the Portuguese and English versions, the publication won its first edition in Spanish in 2019, focusing on Latin American producers.

New look for Pivot Point

Estudio Siamo’s mission was to reformulate the magazine’s graphic design, with the objective of creating a visual identity aligned with the tone of voice and the importance of the company. For this, the art direction organized the content in new sections, carried out cover studies, added new graphic elements to the project, defined the color palette and typography.

“The photographic productions in the field were valued more throughout the articles. In addition, new features such as illustrations, infographics and data visualization were introduced to enrich articles, interviews and technical data presented”, comments Ana Megda, designer and art director responsible for the project.

“This project is very important because it is part of strengthening the presence of Valley in the Latin American market, and for us it is essential to present the brand as a reference for the industry. The magazine that we developed with Siamo transmits all and its design supports this position.”

María Beis, Asesora – Valley Irrigation Latin America Marketing

Planning: Pedro Cizoto
Art Director: Ana Paula Megda