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Estúdio Siamo

New Packs for Terra Natal – Coffee Roasters

Packaging project for Terra Natal, Specialty Coffee Roasting in Joinville

The packaging redesign project for special coffees of Terra Natal Coffee Roasters is focused on generating a more direct visual identification with the brand, categorizing product lines, informing sensory characteristics to the consumer and optimizing production processes.

Branding, Embalagem, Design Gráfico

Ever changing products

As opposed to industrialized coffee that presents a standardized profile, specialty coffees offered by micro roaster like Terra Natal are subject to sensory variations according to the harvest, their processing and the roasting profile adopted. These are the characteristics that make the product unique, alive and constantly changing.

The challenge of this project focused on communicating the descriptions of each coffee in an efficient way, placing greater emphasis on the role of micro roasting, creating hierarchies and different presentations for the product lines.


Minimalist packs full of energy

For the regular coffee line, Estúdio Siamo kept the pack in craft, adopting a youthful and energetic color palette, associated with the spirit of the brand and its founders. The minimalist design and solid colors also help to quickly identify products and their origins.

As for the Reserva line, consisting of microlots and coffees with limited production, the solution included a matte white Horizontal pack, adding even more value to the product. A field indicating the limited batch numbering was added, ensuring greater visibility for the product’s sensory attributes.

The simpler, the better

Operational optimization

In addition to the visual change, the operational process was facilitated and optimized, reducing the steps for gluing the labels and allowing to define some information by hand, such as type of grinding and batch. The functional characteristics of the packaging were also preserved, protecting the product from light and moisture.

Planning: Pedro Cizoto
Art Director: Ana Megda
Designer: Rafael Busmayer