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Mundo dos Assados

A delicious guide about party roasts

We developed the graphic design and art edition of Mundo dos Assados, a publication with pages full of infographics illustrated with tips, tricks – and recipes – about the typical dishes of holidays. This delicious guide is a socio-territorial publication from Editora MOL, supported by the supermarket St Marche e Sadia.

Design Editorial, Ilustração, Infografia

To eat with your eyes

Mundo dos Assados ​​is part of the “What’s for dinner” collection, from Editora MOL for the supermarket chain St Marche. All content is integrated into the retail partner’s business, since the recipes and tips have their ingredients available in the establishments.

The special project with a focus on turkey, chester, loin, tender and shank is a visual guide with detachable pages, which can turn into posters. There are 17 illustrated pages with tricks for the perfect roast, step by step recipes for sauces, fillings, spices and side dishes for the holidays.

In addition to curiosities about suppers around the world and wine pairing with every moment of the Christmas and New Year dinner.


A festive look

When thinking about the graphic design of Mundo dos Assados, the starting point was the typographic choice. It should be festive, very strong, but not obvious. The family used is very versatile and its calligraphic version gave the Christmas tone we were looking for. The colors, however, did not follow the green and red – or gold – pattern of publications destined to celebrate this time of the year – a sure touch from the project’s art director, Claudia Inoue (Editora Mol).

The illustrations also do not follow a pattern or a single language throughout the guide. Each poster is designed by a different professional, giving dynamics and visually enriching the pages of this special project.

Client: Editora Mol/St.Marche/Sadia
Art Director: Claudia Inoue
Art Editor: Ana Paula Megda
Layout: Dani Doneda