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Estúdio Siamo

Meu Plano D

Meu Plano D is a branded-content platform where beginning entrepreneurs have access to free online courses to learn how to transform sweets into income.

The platform brings together content about chocolate, pastry, business management and digital marketing strategies. We participated in the planning, design and development of this project, which is an offering of Selecta Chocolates, Mix Ingredients and Docepedia.


Naming and visual identity​​​​​​​

The Naming project sought to bring an informal and inviting character to the project. And in “Meu Plano D” we find the ideal combination of meanings for those looking for practical alternatives to generate income – and why not with something that is also literally delicious to do? We also add the signature “living with sweet” that ties the whole concept.
Regarding visual identity, we analyzed the world of online learning platforms to achieve a language that makes sense to the public. It needed to be simple, direct, versatile, very digital and have a “spontaneity”. We find in the letter “D” a perfect element to play and bring the brand to the digital universe, recreating emoticons. D is sweet, but smiley too. After all, it is the realization of a new plan that we hope will work.

Art direction

The starting point of the art direction for Meu Plano D was the fact that it was necessary to create an identity that spoke to what Estudio Siamo had already developed for Docepedia, the online content and recipe platform of the brands Selecta and Mix Ingredientes .
“Our second objective was to live up to the universe of sweets: something joyful and full of life. Eating sweets is always a moment of pleasure, so we try to bring, together with the logo, a language for communication pieces with many colors and elements that represented an “explosion of flavors”, to something alive and dynamic “, says Ana Paula Megda, art director and founding partner of Siamo.
Click here to access the platform Meu Plano D.
Planning: Pedro Cizoto 
Art Direction: Ana Paula Megda 
Design: Rafael Busmayer and Fabiana Martins 
Copywriting: Roberta Benzati
Screenplay: Estúdio Siamo 
Animation: André Murched
Voiceover: Ana Paula Faria