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Estúdio Siamo

Memórias do Sorvete

To celebrate the brand’s 70th year, a customized, original and relevant book for those who produce ice cream in Brazil.

Selecta Sorvetes is the national market leader of raw materials for ice cream in Brazil. “Memories of Ice Cream” is a book that tells the company’s trajectory and celebrates this millenary food. The content has also been extended to cross-platform versions on social media, e-book, video and events, in addition to winning two design awards.

Conteúdo Customizado, Projeto gráfico, Planejamento Estratégico, Ilustração, Fotografia

A book to celebrate

“Memories of Ice Cream – A celebration of the frozen delight that won the world, inspired stories and spread sweetness” portrays, from the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Selecta Sorvetes, the different aspects of the human relationship with ice cream. More than celebrating the legacy of the brand that revolutionized the ice cream industry in Brazil, the project set out to go beyond a conventional institutional book: the result is a work that brings together the entrepreneurial saga of Selecta and its customers, market data, trivia about the world of ice cream, its importance for the food industry and projections for the future of the sector. “Memories”, in addition to being a commemorative book, became a source of research for admirers and professionals in the segment.


More Human

The book sets out to escape the austere stereotype of purely institutional publications. After intensive research work, dozens of interviews in 4 states of the country and more than 20 experts consulted, it was possible to design a project with different information formats – such as timelines, infographics, interviews and recipes – bringing textual and visual richness to the book.
Portraits with more human and spontaneous characteristics, photos of recipes with the production of vintage objects, counterpoint the modern illustrations and vibrant color infographics, fundamental visual elements to show a company with years of experience, but which is still current and thinking about the future.


A cross-platform project

The channel strategy for “Memories of Ice Cream” considered transmedia actions to give even more resonance to the project – launch events, keynote presentations, exhibition pieces containing a timeline and trivia, as well as videos with extracted content and illustrations of the book for different digital platforms.


The work went beyond a record, becoming a material recognized by the design sector and industry


By being content-oriented – not advertising – the project created an emotional connection with its audience and sector, efficiently working on the brand’s core beliefs, its innovation DNA and its aspirations for the future.

A reference material

The extensive research process of “Memories of Ice Cream” compiles and records, in a single work, facts and historical information that were previously dispersed, contributing to preserve the company’s history and this food that is so present in people’s lives.

Two Design Awards

The project was awarded at the Brasil Design Awards 2019 (corporate publications category) and was selected for the 13th ADG Graphic Design Biennial.

“Siamo more than embraced the cause: made this project come true with all its professionalism and plunged soul and heart to explore every detail, transforming the content in a dynamic, fun and very interesting way.”

Adriane Gneipel, Marketing Coordinator of Duas Rodas

Strategic planning: Pedro Cizoto
Art and Graphic Design Director: Ana Paula Megda 
Designer: Robson Brüning 
Edition: Roberta Benzati 
Text: Roberta Benzati, Chloé Pinheiro and Rafaela Mazzaro 
Photo: Estúdio Panka, Ricardo Perini 
Illustration: Willian Santiago