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Estúdio Siamo

Graphic Project for Casa e Jardim magazine

To celebrate its 63 years, Casa e Jardim magazine changed its graphic project, with the help of Estúdio Siamo.

One of the main publications about decoration and lifestyle in Brazil decided to redesign its look. We were invited by the then art director, Fabiano Spadari, to assist in this new project.

Design gráfico, Design Editorial

A new graphic design

Leader in its segment, Editora Globo’s publication sought a graphic project that differentiated its proposal and editorial quality from its competitors. 

The consultancy, promoted by Ana Megda, partner and creative director of Estúdio Siamo, in partnership with art director Fabiano Spadari, involved studies to choose fonts, styles of reports, articles and columns.

The chosen typefaces rejuvenated the publication and made the pages more clean. In addition, they were responsible for adding even more elegance to the project.

Some sections also underwent a revision and had their layout rethought, creating more harmony for the entire publication. “Fabiano (art director of the Casa e Jardim), knew how to take advantage of these changes, creating a magazine with a more interesting and refined visual”, comments Ana.

“The most interesting thing was to realize that, with these small adjustments, the magazine’s graphic design gained a very different face in relation to what was being done by the competition”, she concludes.

Design Consulting: Ana Megda
Art Director: Fabiano Spadari