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Estúdio Siamo

Elections – The Movie

Visual identity of the promotional pieces for the documentary Eleições (Elections), by director Alice Riff.

We developed the concept, graphic identity and design of the promotional materials for ‘Elections – The Movie (2019)’. The documentary addresses the dispute for a student union in São Paulo, Brazil, and offers a reflection on the relevance of politics in our daily lives.

Design gráfico, identidade visual, cinema
Posters e flyers de divulgação do documentário Eleições - o Filme, dirigido por Alice Riff

A political microuniverse

The different world views of four student groups disputing the Gremio of a state school in São Paulo is the starting point of the film Elections. The film, recorded in parallel to the 2018 electoral process, shows how national politics and social demands are reflected in the student context. Studio Siamo was responsible for the development of the concept and graphic identity of the disclosure materials.

The solution

We have our own voice

The challenge of the project was to translate this story into a visual identity that would create a connection with the audience. The proposal was to emphasize the power of voice and change that can be exercised by young people. This concept was applied to posters, accessories such as ecobags and buttons, as well as pieces published in social networks.

EThe film was released in national cinemas in March 2019 and also participated in film festivals outside the country. Directed by Alice Riff and produced by Paideia Filmes, Eleições was produced by Edital Videocamp Filmes 2017 and Instituto Alana. The photos are produced by Pablo Saborido. Edital Videocamp Filmes 2017 e Instituto Alana. 

Sacolas promocionais, bottons, flyers e pôster do documentário Eleições - O Filme, dirigido por Alice Riff
Client: Alice Riff/Studio Riff
Art Director: Ana Megda
Design e Layout: Ana Paula Megda
Photography: Pablo Saborido