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Estúdio Siamo

Customized Magazine designed for Easter

A customized magazine designed for Easter, a special time for those who work with chocolate.

Whoever turns chocolate into income is always in search of novelties to satisfy the new palates. With free distribution, the customized easter magazine of Selecta Chocolates brings quality content, with trends, techniques, articles and many original recipes.

Design Editorial, Conteúdo Customizado

Easter Egg

Customized magazines reinforce the positioning of a brand and still bring relevant information to consumers. Selecta Chocolates, brand of Duas Rodas Industrial, bet on this format to strengthen communication with its customers in a special time for those who work with chocolate: Easter.

The publication has an average circulation of 30,000 units and has national distribution and specialized courses and retailers.


New graphic and editorial project

When Estúdio Siamo was invited to take over the project, in 2017, we renewed the publication’s graphic and editorial project, with a focus on making the magazine even more inspiring, modern and enjoyable for its readers. We rethought the design, included new graphic resources, created new sections and editorials that are renewed or updated with each new edition.

Customized Production

Irresistible images

Photos are the main graphic resource in this project, ensuring even more connection with the brand and the contextualization of its products. We conducted the art direction of the entire production, done in partnership with Estúdio Panka, specialized in food photography.

Another graphic resource that has been extensively explored are illustrations, which manage to translate often ludic scenes for the most diverse subjects in the universe of chocolate.

Integrated Ecosystem

Multichannel Strategy

A Selecta Chocolates is a brand of Duas Rodas Industrial, a specialist in products for those who transform chocolates into income. The strategy planned and implemented by Estúdio Siamo for this brand includes, in addition to the Personalized Easter Magazine Selecta Chocolates, the Portal e App Docepedia, as well as the original content production for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Planning: Pedro Cizoto
Art Director: Ana Paula Megda
Copywriter: Chloé Pinheiro, Roberta Benzati, Cristiane Schmitz
Photography: Estúdio Panka
Design: Ana Paula Megda, Rafael Busmeyer