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Estúdio Siamo

Coffea Podcast

A branding study for COFFEA, the first coffee podcast in Brazil

A pioneer in Brazil, the COFFEA podcast was created to disseminate information about the coffee universe to different audiences in the chain, with programs that combine science, production, history and news based on interviews with experts.

Identidade Visual, Estratégia

The COFFEA Podcast is born

With the purpose of offering qualified and accessible content about coffee, in the country that is the largest producer of this bean in the world, COFEEA emerged from the initiative of journalist Kelly Stein. “This is an independent platform, with issues of ‘gateway in’ and ‘gateway out’, that is, for those who produce and for those who consume the drink”, comments the journalist.

The project had a format still unexplored for the segment in Brazil. Estúdio Siamo was responsible for the strategic planning and branding (visual identity) of the COFFEA Podcast, with the objective of making the brand easily understood by the public, with credibility and solidity.



The logo created for COFFEA connects with the podcast format, combining the graphic form of a microphone with the coffee seed. The project was also conceived thinking about the potential and market that the brand can explore in the future. “Throughout the creative process, we were concerned with offering a solution in visual identity that would speak to the different platforms and their potential applications”, comments Ana Megda, the studio’s Creative Director.


Responsive Content

In addition to podcasts, COFFEA also has a website developed by Siamo. Combined with pages on social media (Facebook and Instagram), the page works as a complement to the programs, expanding the brand’s digital presence. The strategy is to offer a quality experience to the public, with in-depth and responsive content.

PAs independent journalism, the model adopted to make the project viable was through the donation of those who like and believe in COFFEA. The choice for crowdfunding was made based on the consultancy provided by Siamo, based on a study of trends and analysis of the project’s needs.

In addition to the portal, COFFEA content is also distributed on other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Awareness, audience acquisition and derivative projects.


The project became a national reference in the sector, with invitations to cover important events such as the International Coffee Week, among others.


Several mentions in the national and international media, including the specialized site Sprudge.

Derived Projects

The brand’s strength gave rise to COFFEA Trips, an agency that explores experience tourism focused on coffee.

Planning: Pedro Cizoto 
Art Direction: Ana Paula Megda 
Designers: Matheus Farias and Ana Paula Megda